Support team E-mail:[email protected]

We recommend using the following form to send instant messages to FileOut Support team:

    To make sure we can help you as fast and competent as possible, please consider the following:

    – You can find instant help in our FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions are already answered there.
    – Please make sure you give a detailed and compact explaination of your problem.

    A wrong message is for example:
    “I can’t login! Why not?” because this makes it neccessary to ask for more details.

    A better e-mail:
    “I get the following error-message when trying to login with my account-data: … My account-details are: … I use this browser: … and this operating system: …”

    Illegal files will be deleted as soon as we get notice about them. We will also put them on an internal black-list so they can’t be uploaded again. Please write an e-mail with the exact links to the files to our abuse department at [email protected]

    To make sure your e-mail will be processed as fast as possible, please add the following details:
    – Please identify yourself as the owner of the material or as an authorized person to act for the owner.
    – Please add your contact-details including your telephone-number so we can contact you if we have questions.
    – Please add the links to the files the following way:…