Privacy Policy

During registration, you should submit only true and accurate personal data. The Site Administration agrees not to abuse any data received during registration and not to disclose it. The user agrees not to give his/her login and password to anyone else. The owner of a personal account bears all responsibility for damage caused as a result of disclosing the Fileout login and password to a third person.

Your IP Address

In accordance with common practice accepted by the industry, our Site also collects statistics on customers’ IP addresses. This data is used to improve our Services and also helps us to identify and better solve technical problems. Information on IP addresses can also be used to control the legality of payments (e.g., for Services provided). The Site Administration agrees not to abuse IP address data as well as not to disclose it.


Our Site uses cookies, which is a common practice on the Internet. Cookies are only used for storing technical identification information after the user’s authorization on the Site. Cookies are not used to store any other data (logins, passwords, financial and other information). Disabling cookies may lead to the inability to access those parts of the Site which require authorization.

Your Personal Information

When a user interacts with the Site, certain information accumulates on the personal account of each registered user (e.g., list of downloads, e-mail/ICQ correspondence with the Administration, statistics, etc.). The Site Administration agrees not to abuse this data and not to disclose it (unless agreed with the user beforehand).

Your Financial Information

In order to pay for Site Services, the user provides information on the method of payment (e.g., credit card details, etc.) to a payment transfer company that has a contract with Fileout. All details of your methods of payments are UNAVAILABLE to the Site Administration. Nevertheless, the Administration agrees to observe the security and non-dissemination of any other financial information on its users with all possible care (e.g., information on payments made).

Other Personal Information

It is in the interests of the Administration to keep all information on Site users safe and confidential. Therefore, any other personal information not mentioned above shall be stored safely and shall not be disseminated (except in specially noted cases). You agree to use the Services provided by Fileout at your own risk and with your personal consent. All Services are provided “as is” without any guarantee obligations on the part of the Administration (apart from those mentioned above). The Administration does not provide you with any guarantee that you will profit or benefit from the use of the Services. You agree NOT to appeal to the Administration due to the quality of the services provided, as well as due to any possible damage you experience as a result of using or accessing Fileout.