About this Site.
FILEOUT.NET provides online storage and web hosting services. We offer free service in uploading and downloading large files. We also offer additional premium-class services at a very low price. Using our service you can easily store your information, as well as give links to your files to friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. While organizing Web service that requires large disk space and traffic, you can distribute your downloads using FILEOUT.NET powerful global server network. In this case you will just give links to this or that file and will not worry about the space at the server, as well as expenses for traffic.

All files are uploaded and downloaded via TCP/IP protocol from powerful servers through high-speed bandwidth.

How to Use.
It’s very easy to use FILEOUT.NET!

To upload your file you should click on “Browse” button, select your file and press “Upload” button. After uploading is completed, “download link” will be sent to your browser, and also “delete link”, by which you can delete uploaded file from the server.

The uploaded file can be downloaded from any place. Click on the link and select a download method (Free or Premium). After this a unique link for your session will be shown in your browser. Press it, select the place to save this link on your computer and start downloading.

Paid services.
We propose to use the Premium class service. By getting a Premium access to our site you will obtain the chance to use the system with minimum restrictions, namely:

  • Downloading will start immediately without any delay
  • You can upload and download the files of up to 1500 MB size
  • Maximum daily traffic limit will be up to 4000 MB
  • You will have no restrictions for the speed of data transmission
  • You can use Download managers to download the files
  • In case of breaking the connection resume of downloads will be activated

How to get and extend the Premium service?
To get the Premium access you should do the following:

  • Register and obtain the password
  • Authorize in the Premium zone
  • Select one of the suggested variants of Premium access and pay for it

Prices and methods of payment.
We propose the following four types of Premium access.

Valid ForPriceYou Save
1 Month9,99 EUR0
3 Month19,99 EUR9,98 EUR (33,3%)
6 Month29,99 EUR29,95 EUR (50,0%)
12 Month49,99 EUR69,89 EUR (58,3%)

You can pay via any electronic currency through RoboxChange or take the advantage of the bank card.

Use of Premium access.

  • Use of Premium access means getting of Premium links and downloads.
  • To use your Premium Access, you will only need to enter your authorization data in the Premium zone and freely use all premium features.
  • With every authorization the remaining time of the Premium access will be displayed to you. During the period of Premium access the payment page will be inaccessible. On completion of Premium access, the payment page will be accessible again and you will be able to extend the period of validity for the chosen period.